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CORPORATE WELLNESS…a healthy return on your investment !
Through collaborative strategic planning, Your Wellness Nurse customizes services specific to the health needs and wellness goals of your workforce.

We can help:

  • Reduce healthcare costs by improving the health of your employees and their family members
  • Reduce absenteeism due to illness (emotional and/or physical)
  • Improve productivity and “presenteeism”
  • Improve overall morale
  • Creating a flourishing and engaged workforce

Our methods for accomplishing these goals include:

EVALUATE corporate goals, and current health status/ needs of your employees through review of demographics, health risk assessment data, and confidential employee surveys.

Develop a STRATEGIC PLAN addressing the findings/concerns from the evaluation with targeted strategies for addressing high risk and chronic illness situations, education on prevention and healthy lifestyle choices, and methods for achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Sustain a CULTURE OF WELLNESS through:

  • creation of/support of established wellness teams
  • ongoing health education lunch and learns
  • educational and individual coaching webinars
  • dissemination of educational information
  • participation in health and benefit fairs
  • on-site nurse availability for face to face employee consultations
  • informative and educational posters, flyers and healthy reminders
  • development of an incentive program to reward wellness choices
  • group sessions such as; smoking cessation classes, yoga, meditation

To MONITOR SUCCESS we can provide quarterly updates as well as an ANNUAL REVIEW of progress toward goals. 

For a complete list of services available please contact Your Wellness Nurse to learn how we can help your company support its greatest asset~ an optimally healthy workforce. We EMPHASIZE customization for success.


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Corporate Wellness

CORPORATE WELLNESS…a healthy return on your investment !
Through collaborative strategic planning, Your Wellness

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